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Handling Your Scissors

To ensure a long-lasting life, cut only human hair with these scissors. Treat them gently and this will help to avoid damaging their fine edges. When they are brand new, or just newly serviced, they have a fresh edge that easier to damage. For the first couple of weeks with new edges, it’s best use them for light cutting rather than any heavy section cutting. When cutting over a comb, keep half a centimeter away from the comb so you don’t risk cutting the comb by accident and damaging the blades. And remember to be careful not to cut yourself with the fresh edge.

Adjustment & Blade Tension

Always treat your scissors as a quality precision-tuned instrument. As you know, scissors work better when the blade tension is properly set. The blades will grind together if the tension is too tight, and they’ll become wobbly if they’re too loose. Either way, the scissors can be damaged, so test the blade tension daily and adjust if necessary.

Cleaning and Oiling

To reduce build-up of chemicals or debris, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the scissors and blades after every haircut. These scissors are best used with oil, not dry. Quality oil helps with your cutting as well as slowing down blade corrosion. Oil the pivot area frequently. If you notice dust or debris collecting on your scissors put a drop of oil on the pivot point, then open and close the scissors a few times and wipe off any excess oil. At the end of each day your scissors should be rinsed with warm water and wiped dry. Lastly, oil the area between the blades, carefully spread the oil on the inside of the scissor blades with your finger, and wipe off the excess oil.

Storing Your Scissors

Storing your scissors properly will increase their lifespan. To reduce the chance of damaging the blades, keep scissors in the closed position when they aren’t being used. It’s best to store them in a case or pouch. Leather cases are great because leather breathes and allows moisture to escape, which reduces the chance of rust. And if you want to scissor corrosion, keep them away from sterilizing solutions.


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