Hair Stylist Scissors
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Bevel Edge

This is the oldest blade design. It cuts well, but requires more force than the convex blade. It can't be used for advanced techniques like "slide-cutting". On a bevel edge blade the edges are ground to a 40-65 degree angle. Because these blades are not as sharply angled as convex blades, one edge is usually serrated to keep hair from sliding forward. The edges are very “nick resistant”. This blade is best used for layer and taper cutting.

Convex Edge

This is a smoother cutting blade than the bevel edge. Convex edges are more difficult to make. Therefore, they’ll cost you more but you will notice the difference. On a convex edge blade the edges are ground to a razor sharp 28-45 degree angle. The blades are usually triple honed to make the scissor run very smoothly and quietly. Because of its sharp edges, a convex blade cuts through hair with less force. This blade is a must for slide cutting.


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