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Repetitive wrist motion. If you're a stylist cutting hair for a living, this is something you know all about. This action causes serious discomfort for some stylists, and can even cause Repetitive Strain Disorder (RSD). You're probably familiar with one type of RSD, "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome".

Your choice of scissors can help reduce the chance of getting RSD. Our quality scissors and shears are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety. You can feel the difference.

There are three basic handle configurations - Straight, Semi-Offset and Offset. With the offset handle, you can work with your shoulders straight and elbow down, using minimal wrist movements. The semi-offset is a comfortable compromise between the offset and straight models.

Shears designed with offset handles can help prevent RSD. They increase comfort by relaxing your elbow downward. This levels your wrist into a more neutral cutting position, which reduces motion by limiting flexing of the wrist.

If you are currently experiencing consistent pain or loss of sensation, please go see your doctor. To help avoid these kinds of problems, remember that the type of handle you choose plays a large part in a pain free and happy future.


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