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"After working in the hair and fashion for 30 years I have been lucky enough to be involved in all aspects of the industry and work with many talented artist's from different specialties.

Over this period I have owned my own salon in England, Consultancy Company in Vancouver and 12 years dealing with the corporate side of the industry focusing on education. In this time, I have found few people with excellent work ethics, honesty and integrity cross our path - so when they do it's like a breath of fresh air.

Todd Laberge of XTREME EDGE is one of those people. Not only does he supply the highest standard of scissors I have seen and used, he also provides an excellent sharpening and maintenance service. Todd also goes one step further and provides a whole education program sharing his knowledge and experience to schools and salons helping them to choose and use the right tools for the right job, which until now has not been shared with me and to my knowledge to industry.

I would definitely recommend Xtreme Edge for the best scissors and sharpening."

Gary Holman
Western Education Manager Canada

"The Sharpline shears are a remarkable amalgamation of fluid form and incredible function. These amazing tools are meant for the discriminating professional who truly wants to take advantage of the best quality that is currently available. I can honestly say that having been a hairstylist with over a decade of experience in various facets of the beauty industry, I have never found a more perfect shear than Sharpline.

I would highly recommend these superb shears to any hair designer who is serious about their craft."

Chelsea Dobbins
Salon Owner of The Beauty Bar
Sacramento, California
Educator, Trainer, and Artistic Consultant
The Pacific Northwest for L'Oreal Professionel

"I was impressed with Todd's knowledge. Within the first few minutes, it was obvious that he spent much time and energy in really knowing his products. His interest in the industry as well as his confidence in his trade blew me away. I have never used a pair of scissors so comfortable. Once they are in your hands, you'll never want to put them down."

Nadine Hannay
Supernova Salon
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Guest Artist L'anza/Belavance

"Over the last year I have had the pleasure of doing business with Todd Laberge of XTREME EDGE. Todd is the first person in Canada that has given me a quality sharpening on site. I love the fact that Todd guarantees his sharpening and always checks back to make sure that I am satisfied with the sharpening and sale of any shear.

I have recently been experimenting with the Sharpline QA58 shear and have to say it is one of the smoothest, most versatile shears that I have worked with. I find that this shear holds up to aggressive texturizing and conventional cutting on all hair textures. It is a very comfortable and pleasurable shear to work with. It cuts like a hot knife through butter. I as well as my staff members that are working with the Sharpline shears are ecstatic with the results.

What I love most about working with Todd is that he takes pride in providing quality customer service and backs it up with a satisfaction guarantee!!! He takes pride in his craft and cares about my staff and the success of my business!! It is rare in this day and age to be in business with an individual that demonstrates such integrity, passion and professionalism!"

Val Blaker
Owner of Blaker's Hair, Skin, Nails, Body
Langley, British Columbia

"I actually didn't meet Todd of XTREME EDGE until after noticing all the great work he was doing in my territory. Stylists were all talking about what a fabulous job he was doing. So of course I did my research. I wanted to make sure he was as good as they said he was. I really care about my clients.

My personal experience with Todd is that he is TRUSTWORTHY, hard-working and he stands behind all of his products and his sharpening. He's an absolute perfectionist with passion. This is a great thing if your his client.

If you're considering using his services, my advice is DO IT."

Sue Beerwald
Alliance Beauty Supplies


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