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    5.5" New Cosmos Beam 161

Crane handle, anatomic grip & removable rest.

The latest in an evolutionary process. This series represents the ultimate in scissor design and function.

All New Cosmos blades are made from Molybdenum, an Alloy superior to Cobalt or Stainless Steel. Molybdenum is what gives the New Cosmos it's famous "melting through the hair" razor sharpness and feel.

Unique in the world of handle design, the Anatomic Grip allows for greater agility and control. All movements, from horizontal, vertical, diagonal, to curved cuttings, are more comfortable. The natural fit of the handles around the fingers enables complete radial motion of the wrist, reducing stress and fatigue.

Only Hikari uses Rylon technology. The Rylon Glides are positioned to prevent metal to metal contact, alleviating wear.

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